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Services by Me as a Medium in Fort Worth and Surrounding Areas

I hear and see my information. I don't use tools whatsoever. That is how I get such accurate information, because it is straight from the Creator and spirit guides to the client. Usually, mediums in Dallas/Fort Worth TX have pricing for services and readings that vary, so the best thing to do is to call in order to explore the best kind of reading for you. I can tell promptly by your energy how long your reading should last, as well as what kind of reading we will perform. It’s that simple.... Do you want to know what the future holds? Are you tired of not knowing the truth about situations? Do you have questions that need answers? 

Psychic Readings and Services by HeavenGazer is available 7 days a week by appointment only. 

The services available are: 

Psychic Readings by phone or in person
Very detailed Astrology and Tarot Reports which can be emailed to you
Mediumship Sessions
House Clearings as well as House Blessings
Aura Cleansings and Chakra Balancing
Energy and Crystal Therapy
Special Meditations for Love and Abundance
Marriage Ceremonies and Handfasting Ceremonies
Funerals- Last Rites
Rites of Passage Ceremonies for all occasions and religions
Child Blessings and Dedication, especially useful for babies
Healing Therapy
Spiritual Counseling and Coaching
Past Lives Issues, Analysis, and Release
Name Blessings

If you would like to experience the Dallas/Fort Worth psychic reading and mediumship with a group of friends, HeavenGazer is available for parties or small dinner groups. There are two options when doing parties. I can either do a gallery reading where I answer questions in front of the whole group. Or I can offer each guest a 5-15 minute private reading.
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“Susan I really enjoyed your talking tonight as well as your spirit. You made me receive the message with an open heart. You are right to the point always, and your advice is well taken. I have to say that she is friendly, caring, generous and gifted person. She really KNOWS and wants to help people from her heart. She is a real psychic and giving her a call is not a waste of time or money. Call her! You wont be disappointed.”
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